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El Salvador’s Bitcoin mine could earn over 20,000 BTC ($750

El Salvador’s proposed Bitcoin mine could earn hundreds of millions of dollars each year given the current network state, a top miner pointed out in a tweet today. Bitcoin revenues for El Salvador? The country made history last month after becoming the first-ever nation to recognize and classify Bitcoin as ‘legal tender,’ allowing citizens to […]Read More


Bitcoin Miners Earn Record Hourly Revenue of $4 Million

Bitcoin’s price rally is proving a windfall for the miners of the world’s biggest blockchain. Miners collected a record single-hour revenue of $4.06 million during the 60 minutes to 17:00 UTC on Thursday, according to data provided by the blockchain analytics firm Glassnode. Transaction fees accounted for more than $47,000 of the record hourly revenue. […]Read More


Valid Points: Ethereum 2.0 Validators Earn Record $1.2M

“The biggest risk for Ethereum is that it could end up like the Concorde.” That’s Lyn Alden, a renowned investment strategist, who wrote a blog post a few weeks back reviewing the Ethereum protocol from an investor’s perspective.  In her post, Alden points out that one of the biggest risks for the value of ether […]Read More