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Visa to Accept Cryptocurrencies for Payment Settlements 

According to Reuters, Visa announced today that it will begin accepting cryptocurrency USD Coin (USDC) to settle transactions on its payment network. The move by the fintech giant coincides with the growing institutional acceptance of digital currencies. The company has launched a pilot payment program with Crypto.com, and plans to roll out its services to […]Read More


The $1200 U.S. stimulus payment invested in Bitcoin in April

If the recipient of a U.S. stimulus payment in April invested the check into Bitcoin, the check would now be worth $6,495. Since April, in merely nine months, the price of Bitcoin has rallied 441%, posting one of its strongest rallies in recent history. $6495 (+441%)#bitcoin — $1200 Stimulus Is Now Worth (@BitcoinStimulus) January 13, […]Read More