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Cardano (ADA) retains its spot as the most ‘staked’ crypto

Data from proof-of-stake research platform Staking Rewards shows Cardano is the most staked chain, by value, in the cryptocurrency space. The Cardano network currently hosts $29.7 billion of ADA staked. While the next nearest token, Ethereum, comes in at a significantly lower $12.3 billion. @StakingRewards on Twitter.com However, staked value is a somewhat one-dimension metric […]Read More


Almost 72% of all ADA is now staked on Cardano

Almost 72% of all ADA is now staked on Cardano | CryptoSlate Earn up to 12% APY on Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD, EUR, GBP, Stablecoins & more. Start Earning Interest With 71.9 percent of the total circulating supply of ADA now staked, Cardano is still the most decentralized blockchain network on the market. The significant increase […]Read More


Valid Points: CoinDesk’s Eth 2.0 Validator Is Officially Staked

After two months of hard work, time and effort, we’re pleased to say the CoinDesk Ethereum 2.0 validator node is set up and our 32 ETH officially staked.  Here’s our public validator key:  0xad7fef3b2350d220de3ae360c70d7f488926b6117e5f785a8995487c46d323ddad0f574fdcc50eeefec34ed9d2039ecb Now that CoinDesk is in the queue for validators pending entry into the network, we expect our operations to begin earning […]Read More